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The Goal of this Workshop:

10-12 person workshop.

This workshop is designed to challenge artists into creating large scale compositions using elements of woodcut prints that they will create during the course. The idea of the multiple, scale, contrast, directional movement, positive and negative space, and over all concept will be important factors in creating the final form of the mural and will be determined throughout the course of the collaboration by each participant. Each artist will also learn the basic foundations of woodcut printmaking and will be taken through the process of creating single color woodcut prints with the intent to create large editions.

The Goal of Each Artist:

Each artist will be tasked with carving, printing, and cutting-out 1-3 small, medium, or large scale wood- blocks that will function as subject matter for the mural composition. On the last day of the workshop each artist will be able to apply their prints to the mural composition and any where else they can get away with.

Audience and Meaning:

It is with high hope that the subject matter created by each artist in this workshop will reflect an aspect of the culture, habits, dreams, ambitions, desires, sins, passions, and any other driving forces of the society in which each of the individuals participating in this workshop lives. If we are in fact a product of the envi- ronment in which we live then maybe by combining each persons art together we can glean a small frac- tion of truth that makes up this complex world that in which we live.

Workshop Schedule:

This will be a four day workshop. This workshop will be split in between two weekends.

Day 1:
Orientation with presentation. Idea generation and woodcarving.

Day 2:
Finishing up woodcarving, print demo, and editioning the blocks.

-Print drying days.

Day 3: (next weekend)
Cutting out out prints. Mural discussion.

Day 4:
Mural Creation, Wheatpasting. Party!!

Materials Needed:

A public wall to wheatpaste.
2 Tyveck paper rolls. Or 2 heavy weight craft paper rolls. 2-3 Gamblin black relief ink.
Woodblocks for each student. (MDF)
Cutting utensils for each student.
Enough wheatpaste to cover a wall, and a few gallons more. Shellac, mineral spirits and denatured alcohol.
Paint rollers and paint brushes.

Paper towels or rags for clean up.