Printmaking | Diverse Universe Non Grata America – Cuba – Mexico Tour 2017
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Diverse Universe Non Grata America – Cuba – Mexico Tour 2017

Follow this crazy USA-MEXICO-CUBA tour from here! 
and @anonymousboh #ngAmerica in Instagram! 

Nov 7th event in Louisville with Ron Whitehead, Outlaw Poet 

Nov 8th Lafayette, Indiana at SPOT 

Nov 9 Live printing in Fatherless studio in Rockford 

Nov 10 - 12 Anarchist Print Fair events in Defibrillator, Chicago

Nov 14-15 Anarchist Print Fair in Norman, Oklahoma

Nov 17 event in Grace Space, Brooklyn, NYC

Nov 20-21 printing in Belton, Texas with Amazing Hancock Brothers

Nov 23 event in Houston, Texas, Club Notsuoh

Nov 24-25 Love School performance fest in New Orleans

Nov 26 Tallahassee 621 Gallery

Nov 28 Georgia

December 1st exhibition in NYC Wild Embeddings Gallery

Dec 4 Roanoke, Virginia

Dec 6 Antifest, Birmingham Alabama

Dec 8-9-10 Miami Art Basel

Dec 11-25 Cuba, Mexico, California, New York